Go to the menu
Choose settings
Turn on the walkin list from here
Team leader:
     Go to the menu
     Choose Team
     Press generate key and give the key number (case sensitive) to every one that is going to be part of your team

Team members:
     Go to the menu
     Choose Team
     Toggle on the join team button
     Enter the team key provided by the team leader and press submit 

  • Everyone on your team has access to the walkin list even if they don't take walkins.  This is advantageous for appointment only Pros because they will be able to call on the next walkin in the event of a last minute cancellation.  

  • The rest of the team will know who is next, If one member of the team crosses out a walkin from the list.  Perfect for those busy days.

  • All the team members are displayed on the business page.  This is great for new clients that may have heard about your business and would like to get more info.  They can browse team member profiles from the business page.

  • All of the teams portfolios are displayed on the business portfolio. 
Yes of course!  But the purpose of busystyle is for your clients to book themselves so that you can do more of what you love.  With that being said, we understand that there will be times when you will have to book your own appointments.  Heres how you do that:

Go to your schedule

Scroll to the time you want to book and swipe it to reveal some options.

Choose add client 

Select the client and service you want to book and thats it.
Swipe on the appointment that you want to cancel to reveal some options

Select cancel and confirm.

Your client will receive a cancellation notice along with a message if you sent one.

Swipe on the appointment that you want to reschedule to reveal some options.

Choose reschedule.

Pick the date and time you wish to reschedule for.
Connections are other pros that you have connected with.

Clients are people that book appointments with you.

These two list will come in handy in the future  when we release some cool new features. 
You will see all hours in case you want to book an appointment before or after hours.   Your clients will only see the hours that you entered as business hours.  Clients will only be able to book you between 9 to 5 If that's what you entered.
If you are booked a week or two out, notify your clients that you will be switching to online booking after a certain date.  Once you get your profile set up go to your breaks and time off section and block out all the days up until the date that you will be switching over to busystyle
The fee is applied so that pros receive 100% of each payment processed.   This way pros don't lose out on revenue by accepting credit cards.   
go to the menu and tap schedule
open the business hours link
enter your hours and hit update
you can change your hours as you wish from this page
Open the menu
Go to Services & Classes and choose Services
Tap the plus icon and enter all your services
Save after you enter each service
go to your home page
tap on the profile picture to edit your profile
choose change profile at the bottom of the page
choose a picture and tap submit
First time clients will have to tap the connect button on your profile if you have set your book to private.  You will receive a notification when a client clicks connect.  They will be able to book you if you accept them.