finally, a walk-in app for barbers

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We manage your walk-ins so you can focus on each client

No credit card needed for trial. Cancel anytime.

benefits for your clients

how it works

  • Clients can view your wait time and add themselves to your list. Only the barbers in your shop can see the client names from their phones

  • The list gets updated when you or a barber crosses out a client.

  • Clients receive a notification when their turn is approaching or you can call them if they left a number.

  • You can update the estimated wait time as needed.


Free 30 day trial. No credit card needed to sign up

  • Download now to receive 50% off during 2019 and pay only $9.99 per month

    Regular monthly fee is $19.99

  • We take walk ins and appointments at my shop and this walk in system really makes it possible for walk ins to skip the wait by allowing them to do something else other than sit around.

    Gino Suico ― Co-owner MGX Professional Mens Grooming

  • We never thought we would use one of those appointment apps since we are strickly walk ins but one of our clients told us about this walk in managent feature on busystyle and now I cant see how we managed with out it. Our waiting room isn't crowded and our clients love being able to go and grab a cup of coffee and come back when its their turn.

    Billy T. ― Alabamas Finest Cuts

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